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Providing Hassle Free Cargo Tracking Services in Jordan
December 23, 2015
Reliable Shipping Company in Jordan
December 22, 2016
Leen Cargo


Leen Cargo : Your Shipping Solutions Expert Partner

With today’s cutthroat economy every company needs to act quickly in order to be successful. Being able to ship goods from one country to another in a productive manner is essential to stay above in the competition. Freight and cargo services are dedicated to make the shipping process a lot easier and helpful for your company. Finding a good freight shipping company can be difficult. Many shipping companies can provide services, however depending on where to ship; finding someone that specializes can only handle the work efficiently. The responsible business person will always make sure that he has selected a trustworthy and reputable company to meet their needs. It’s important to find a trustworthy company as your goods worth a huge amount of money is at risk.

One such reputable and reliable International shipping companies (شركات الشحن الدولي) is Leen Cargo. Based in Jordan, the company commenced in 2003, leen cargo freight services network is the outcome of the energy, positivity, determination and efficiency of a group of freight forwarders who dream of creating an exceptional global network under single brand, for the common benefit of all.

The company provides services like land shipping, ocean freight, air freight further categorized into import ocean freight forwarding, import air, export air, air and ocean customs clearance, air and sea freight transportation, warehousing and storage, shop and ship Amman, interstate and intrastate freight consignments & transportation, personal effects and household removals to overseas destinations, documentation assistance etc. They forward all types of commodities and offer required transportation needs. Shipments are evaluated to check that customers receive the satisfaction they want.

Shipping has gained importance with the increasing import and export business. Many different types of cargo are transported using air and ocean freight services. Some of them include hazardous chemicals, medical equipment’s, medicines and drugs, food, transportation vehicles, machinery and livestock. The usual cargo on air freight are comparatively expensive or have massive importance so, they need to be transported quickly and efficiently. Leen Cargo is one of the best transportation companies in Jordan (
شركات النقل في الاردن) that handles all of the shipping process, from port charges and fees to the bill of landing and also customs broker fee and services.
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