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December 22, 2015
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February 21, 2016
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Leen Cargo: Providing Hassle Free Cargo Tracking Services in Jordan

Trade is the life-giving source of the global market. An efficient trade practice necessarily includes import and export of goods. It helps in the growth of the national economies and thriving global market. Usually these goods comprise of food, petro-chemical products, machines and automobiles, chemicals etc. For transportation of such goods, shipping and cargo services are essentially required. Now, these goods need to be transported taking care that they are fully secured, do not get damaged and get delivered timely; which creates an urgent need for reliable shipping services.

There are many companies providing shipping and cargo tracking services worldwide. One such remarkable service is provided by Leen Cargo. Leen cargo is one of the excellent Jordan shipping companies, which is the perfect blend of professional team and efficient equipment’s. The services provided by Leen Cargo include:

  • Air Freight Services: Company provides international air freight services connecting markets worldwide.
  • Sea Freight Services: Leen Cargo tracking provides services at most reasonable rates and time managing sea shipments.
  • Land Freight Services: Company provides services of container and cargo tracking, load calculators and exchange shipping leads.

Leen Cargo aims at providing reliable services at reasonable cost which contributes in creating long term relation of mutual trust and satisfaction with their clients. Jordan shipping company ( شركات الشحن الأردن) basically focuses on ocean and air freight services. In addition to this, it also provides warehouses on temporary and permanent basis for storing the goods and services and other overland operations.

They are equipped with wide variety of containers and transporting elements which can prevent LCL, FCL and break-bull cargoes from damaging. You can easily track your goods from the moment they are shipped with the help of a tracking number.

Leen Cargo is one the leading freight forwarders in Jordan, providing remarkable freight services at reasonable rates. The customer service staff of the company is supportive and resolute in providing eminent services every time. Thus, if you are searching for freight services for your company then Leen Cargo is the best option.
For more information. please visit leencargo.com