Starting in 2003, Leen Cargo gained customers’ loyalty and trust through agility and responsiveness to customer’s inquiries. With enthusiasm, drive and unflinching determination, Leen Cargo developed into one of the leading shipping companies in Jordan providing services to fit all the needs of our customers.

With years of collective experience in the field, Leen Cargo attracts world-class companies for flexible and state-of-the-art solutions. A company that integrates global business practices with local knowledge that has produces a service that is known for speed, consistency, and safety.

With time and safety components being indispensable, the movement of your goods is closely monitored and observed every step of the way by our offices. We realize that timely delivery of precise information is a significant contributor to your competitiveness.

With our fluid organizational and operational structure, clients have found bureaucracy free experience. We invested in quality staff that is not told how to think but are trained to think by themselves. As a result, you’ll notice a stimulating difference when you deal with our customer service staff.

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Our approach to our business is filled with honesty and sincerity. Leen Cargo specializes in air, land and sea freight forwarding, supported by overland operations, warehousing and supply chain management. Fast response, flexibility, and professionalism are what you can expect from Leen Cargo. Solutions are what we provide. It’s an approach that chains the advantages of multi-modal flexibility and the benefits of local knowledge, and the result is reliable and verified delivery.